Why Franchise With Bellinii

“We decided to implement the franchise when we created an obsession from a name.”

It was exactly summer 2016 when from a simple fluorescent t-shirt with the bellinii label printed we managed to record 200 t-shirts sold in just one month.

From that moment only a question came to us, Why are people buying a t-shirt at a considerable price just because it holds our name?

The answer was easy, we were more than just a bar, we were becoming a craze, we produced the first stickers and it was like a plague. Then we found it anywhere like mobile phones, laptops, bags, tablets, bus stations… people start tapping the coordinates and the name of Bellinii.

We began recording sales records and top sales, and it was only then that we decided and thought to grow in other territories.

Why Choose Me?

Because ours is a big family, and because we believe that the union makes the force. That’s why our goal is worth the bread and every affiliate and is as important as the franchisor.



  • Grow drastically in the next 5 years, recording at a minimum 3 openings per year.
  • Dovomg a world-wide craze!


What are the advantages with Bellinii?

  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Operations Assistance
  • Existing Volume Agreement with Suppliers
  • Location Study to ensure a fertile and productive environment
  • Growth Industry
  • Superior Product Sourcing and Procurement
  • Federally Protected Trademark
  • Because we are professionals
  • Because nowadays our formula is WINNING
  • And because together we win

Did you know that 97% of franchises opened within the last five years are still open? Compare that with nearly 50% of new non-franchise businesses, which close their doors within two years.


We require proof of some liquidity and access to additional funds. Liquor license fees vary greatly from county to county as do liquor laws and regulations. Construction costs and finishes will vary from location to location and will ultimately affect the startup investment. Bar conversions may be significantly less costly since many upfront costs may already be covered. Owners/operators may figure out how to save a lot of this money by doing some of the work required themselves.

Bellinii offers two franchise routes


Thanks to the collaboration with leading partners and the realization of bars and pubs, it offers the possibility to create the own location and be the creators of your own success by becoming part of one of the younger and better dynamics of the world of ‘DRINK’ in the world.

The “mission” of the BELLINIi Group is not just to offer the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by creating a business profitable to give the right satisfaction, but above all to propose a real change to one’s own life quality.

Really a 360 degree change!

Technical data sheet for BELLINI LOCATION:

  • MEDIUM SURFACE SALE: (40/100 sqm)
  •  PERSONAL: from 3 to 7 employees in addition to the holder
  •  LOCATION: In mutual agreement with management
  •  INITIAL INVESTMENT: contact for info
  •  DURATION OF THE CONTRACT: 10 years (no renewal fee)
  •  ROYALTY: 6% on sales
  •  MINIMUN NET WORTH: contact for info


As an alternative to the stand-alone franchise model that requires the presence and operation of the LOCATION and the payment of franchise fees by the investor, BELLINIi makes available the Know-how, knowledge of the market, management of location operations to investors interested in having a passive and well-paid role in one or more locations.

The franchise model in society requires only one initial investment by the passive partner to enter with 50% holding company with BELLINII holding who deals with all Location management and does not upload to location

None of the typical stand-alone franchise rates (access fee, annual fixed rate and percentage of annual turnover), making the business much more profitable.

The typical return on this investment is around 27-32% per annum on capital invested with a 24% yield priority in the division of profits with respect to the payment of the share of the holding held by the holding.

In others Terms, the BELLINII holding does not receive any profit sharing before the franchise passive partner in the company who received a 24% yield.

Our franchise process is just what you’d expect—concise, direct, and simple. We make sure you have a dedicated resource that is your one stop shop for anything BELLINII related. Your BELLINII contact person will be able to get you timely responses to all your questions. Once you sign your FDD, it’s time to:


– Select your location –
– Set up your location –
– Attend training –
– Hire your employees –
– Host your Grand Opening! –

Once you have been qualified and begin the actual franchise process with us, we try to move quickly in an effort to get your business open as soon as possible. The closer we get to opening day, the more we ramp our marketing activities and things really begin to get interesting. The idea is for you to hit the ground running the day your location opens for business.

Ready to become a BELLINII franchise? Contact us to obtain our franchise report.